Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd is a leading corporate film production company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. A corporate film is a video that helps to improve the company’s image. It is created and shown to a specific target audience: it can be the company’s customers, employees or other wider audience (for example, visitors to a trade show). Also, a corporate video (film) is sometimes understood as image or presentation videos. In general, all these concepts and names are closely related, so much so that over time the difference between them has practically disappeared and the only difference lies in positioning.

Making Documentaries

Filming a documentary video does not just involve mechanically capturing certain events or scenes on film based on an approved script. During the production of documentary films, new ideas may come up that we discuss with our customers. Filming documentaries is first and foremost a creative process that never turns into a routine for us. You can order a documentary film on any topic, even if you don’t have a clear idea of the plot. Our creative team will work on the script and find interesting options for its implementation.



In today’s realities, the production of documentaries is not limited to filming, sound mixing and editing. We can give examples of a documentary film with graphics and other more modern visualization tools. This does not contradict the canons of documentary films at all, it’s just that the requirements for making documentary films change every year. Thanks to a team of professionals and our technical capabilities, Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd which is best documentary film production company in Uttar Pradesh, will produce the best documentary for you, taking into account all your wishes and in accordance with the goals for which it was created.



Needless to say, any video filming of a documentary is always considered unique. In each frame, the director tries to give an extraordinary aura that will make the viewer live the life of the main characters and empathize with them, imbued with the spirit and be captured by their actions. In addition, the film itself will be somewhat similar to a feature film. To make your documentary video truly unique and inimitable, our experienced specialists who are highly talented on documentary creation services will create an original script, promptly carry out a full cycle of preparatory work, conduct professional video filming, and also perform the necessary editing work.

We at Varchaswaa Media which is the best documentary film production company in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow have all the necessary skills and equipment to produce interesting, fashionably shot documentaries filled with graphics and high-quality sound mixing. You can discuss the details of shooting documentaries and the preliminary cost of production by contacting us. You can also always leave a request on our website. Remember, we are the no 1 documentary film production company in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.


documentary film production house

The service of a documentary film to order may be required by both individuals and legal entities:

  • Medium and large companies wishing to capture their history;
  • Non-profit organizations for reporting, as well as dissemination of information about any social problem;
  • Business of any scale to work on the image;
  • Private persons for professional fixation of memorable moments.

A well-produced movie allows you to accurately convey information and the course of events, convey meanings, combine several types of shooting (for example, interviews and aerial photography), and also work on the brand and image of the company when it comes to business.

What should a documentary be?

In such a film, the main role is assigned to the plot. It should be clear and understandable, captivate the viewer and carry meaning. Dry chronicle is most often inappropriate, so the plot must be emotional and exciting.

Other characteristics are also important, but already depend on the specific video shooting. It can be long or concise, animated or playful.

The price depends on many factors and in each case is individual.

Being a best documentary film production company, making documentaries for our team is not just a job, but a creative process. You do not need to know all the nuances of shooting and be confident in the plot: we will help you develop it and combine your desires with the real possibilities of video production.

If you are looking for documentary film production company then it is the right place. Do contact us.