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Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd as Apex Digital World, is a complete end-to-end media production company based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, providing support in all production areas, be it concept development, script writing, equipment, providing crew or production support, music videos, lyrics Etc. As a production company, we have a strong hold in providing services from cinema-style commercial production to short films, web series, music videos Etc. Our company ethos strongly relates to the fact that creativity has no boundaries. Our team of equipped directors, producers, and editors helps create visually captivating and engaging videos and stories.

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd
The most modern film studio in Uttar Pradesh, India

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd is a dynamically developing full-cycle film studio. From the day we were founded in 2008, we have gone from a small base of film equipment to the most significant film concern offering customers a wide range of services. We have established ourselves as a modern company in recent years, painlessly moving from film production to digital cinema. All this time, we have been striving step by step towards our dream – to become a place where cinema is made, from the first lines of the script to the delivery of the film. Today, having more than 400 projects behind us and becoming leaders in India, we offer clients from all over India our experience, knowledge, creativity, and high-tech equipment.


The film company “Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd” was created to search for and produce the most fascinating Indian and international projects. From the first day, we try to combine creativity and business.

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd” carries out a complete production cycle – project development, preparation, filming, and post-production. We develop and produce our projects, and anyone can hire us for movie shoots, web series, ad films, documentaries, Etc. At “Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd” has extensive experience organizing filming in India and abroad. We attract real professionals with extensive experience in a particular area of film production to work on our projects. None of our projects exceeded the budget and did not violate the deadlines due to competent production planning.

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd” does not stop here; continuing to develop new projects. Today, we are open to any cooperation and are happy to offer our knowledge, skills, and experience to create films, songs, ad films, documentaries Etc – from preparation to the end.

  • We find and develop ideas for future films, songs, web series, documentaries Etc., and write scripts.
  • We have a comprehensive database of experienced professionals in various fields of film production, including both creative and technical personnel.
  • We have extensive experience selecting a professional team depending on the project’s tasks.
  • We carry out a complete film production cycle – project development, preparation, shooting, and post-production.

We are part of a large complex that includes post-production studios. Thus, all work is done in one place. It allows you to control the process better, reduces the cost of production, and allows you to run several projects at the same time.

Varchaswaa Media Pvt Ltd
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Our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents being able to do what we like best every pleasure.